About Us

It all started when we purchased our first home in 2018. We finally moved into the house of our dreams. Unfortunately, there was one problem; we had a lovely home, but no furniture to display.

I converted our garage into a workshop and with just a few simple tools I chipped away at making all of our home decor. I first tackled the outside with a lovely picnic table. With just a some printed plans I was well on my way. That was the very first thing I had built pretty much. It came out SO much better than I had even thought I could do haha. Not bad for a beginner with a couple of hand tools. It honestly gave me the confidence I needed to continue making more things. I walked around our empty house looking for what project to start next. So next came the living room. I built us a nice little coffee table and decided to spice it up and try something different and burn the top of it giving it that rustic look. OMG, from there is when this woodworking ball began to roll. I posted a picture on my Instagram of the coffee table as a simple "Look at what I made" and man oh man what happened next I would have never guessed in a million years. I started getting messages and comments from people wanting me to make them one as well. I was in shock. I had no idea people would be interested in something I made. I was clueless as far as what to even sell one for!

I sold my first table and when that money hit my hand it was an incredible feeling. It wasn't even the amount of money that made that moment significant for me, but just the fact that I had created something with my own bare hands that a person valued. When they sent me a picture of the coffee table in their home I couldn't help but smile. Just to know that my coffee table is gonna be in the middle of their living room during family gatherings, special moments, or even just to kick their feet up and watch a movie with the family warms my heart knowing I can "be a part of" that special moment. I took whatever dollars I had made from my very first sale and reinvested it back into the "business". I purchased some more professional tools and continued to make coffee tables. With every coffee table that I created and with every tool that I had purchased, these tables started to get better and better. Certainly more professional looking than the very first table I had originally made (which is still in the middle of our living room to this day). It's funny, I now notice every single flaw in that table that I have never noticed before as my experience grew haha. I keep it there as a reminder of where it began. As I continued to sell more tables I continued to buy more expensive tools. Tools I have never even knew existed. Now I have routers, planers, bandsaws, jointers, you name it; The whole 9 yards. Man, this little workshop is seriously starting to become a thing!

As the word got out about me doing woodworking, I started to get message after message of people wanting me to make them something. I'm talking EVERYTHING. I would get pictures of the most random of things. From simple things like breadboxes to huge things like an entire dining room table. I have made things like dog houses, bookshelves, craft tables, wine racks, picture frames, computer desks, even a baby crib. I even made a king-size bed for someone. I think one of my most favorite things I have made is the fireplace I created. That one takes the cake for me.

Anyway, as time passed and things started to get official, I needed to make it "legit". I created the company "DanmadeCreationsLLC". Like handmade, but Dan lol. The name was inspired because of course it is my name, but it is also the name of my beautiful businesses partner; My lovely girlfriend Dani. So whether it is me creating you something or her, it is still "Danmade". This website was created for a single place to house our creations, to bring to you! Unlike heavy tables and such, this is the stuff that we can ship right to your lovely home. From our crazy minds to your front door. Thank you in advance for your business! 
If you have any awesome ideas you can always feel free to message us. We would love to create something just right for you :)


Danni and Dani
- www.Danmadecreation.com -